Tools of the Trade: Hair & Makeup Edition

If you have a dancer in the house, you’ve probably had a slow drain or two or three.

Unfortunately, long hair and makeup are the nemesis of drains the world over. The following tips would apply to dance dads or, really, any dad with ladies in the house.

And, before we get to the meat of this. I want to be gender neutral here, so, yes, this advice will apply for men too. High school boys – I’ve noticed the mullet is back in style. I don’t have much to say other than hop on YouTube and type in “Alabama – Dixieland Delight.” Good luck explaining this hair choice to your children when you’re 40. (This comes from a dad who had frosted tips in the late 90s.)

Today’s high school seniors when they look back at their yearbooks in the year 2045.

Now, on to drain/sink cleaning. You’re going to need to get yourself one of these things that looks like a long zip tie with reverse barbs. You shove that sucker down the drain, wriggle it around and pull it back out. Voilà! You should have a bunch of hair and makeup gunk pop out.

“But I’ll just pour in some foaming snake” you say. Ha ha ha ha ha! (That’s what the hair and makeup will say to any “chemical” solution.) The only other adequate way to get the mess out is to take apart the entire p or s trap and clean it piece by piece.

My Dance Dad bathroom cleaning tools of the trade. The long yellow thingy is a real time saver.

I found this zip tie thingy by chance and decided to give it a whirl. I went from pulling the p trap apart on a quarterly basis to once a year. Considering how big of a pain it is, this is a huge win.

One last tip, buy a set of Drill Brushes. These are awesome for cleaning up bathrooms or anything really. They come in different levels of “stiffness.” So, do your research before you scratch something.

There you have it. Dance Dad out!

(I am in no way compensated by Drill Brush or Long Yellow Thingy Inc.)


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